Have you been searching for the secret to guaranteed success?

If so, you have come to the right place!!!!!

Today is going to be the first day of the rest of your life.  When you are finished reading these words written before you, nothing will ever be the same for you.

It seems like successful people have discovered something that a majority of people have not.

Does it not?

If you are tired of chasing your tail and running in circles, all of that is going to end in a few minutes for you.

I will not ask you for your credit card or require you to attend a 3 day seminar either! (At least not this month, but perhaps in the future for something far more significant in scope)


Now for the BIG reveal…..

The moment that you have been waiting for…

HERE are a few hints…  It does not have anything to do with intelligence….

It does not have anything to do with education….

The suspense is killing me!

Sorry to disappoint you, but the secret is that there is no secret!  


The good news is that there are some habits that you can adopt that will guarantee your success.  Habits, discipline, and a few personality traits that can be learned will allow you to win.  The level of your success will depend on your output and degree of execution.

If you are still reading this after 230 words, then I will assume that you desire a greater level success than you are currently accustomed to.

Am I right?

No worries here, let’s keep moving forward with the discussion.  My intention is to send you on your way, with a few new perspectives on the subject.

I am seeing a reoccurring theme of a toxic mindset issue with so many people around me. Perhaps you also suffer from this affliction. You see if your mindset is not programmed properly, you virtually have no chance of success in your job or in pursuit of entrepreneurship.

With that said, the inverse of this is getting into the right frame of mind and ensuring your success!  That is the good news, but this is also where the heavy lifting begins.  I am suggested that you unlearn everything that you have been taught about success.  This includes the thought that success is reserved for the “lucky” or the “privileged.”

You have the opportunity to ensure your own success, because this is nothing more than a decision.  It’s a decision that follows a successful mental reset into the proper mindset.

I will quickly share 3 steps with you to get you started down this path.

First of all, you must feel worthy of success and understand that it is attainable for anyone and everyone who walks the earth.  This conversation with yourself needs to happen everyday until you believe it.  Eventually it will seep into your subconscious thinking too and this signifies that the “reset” has taken place.


A word of caution throughout this discovery process.

Beware of the dream killers and “negativos” who contributed to your jacked up mindset to begin with.  This process is better done away from people who aren’t going to support your new thinking. People will either help you on your way or simply get in the way!  Sadly, the largest majority will do nothing at all and simply watch!

After you believe that you deserve success and that its possible, you need to start expecting it.  Having a positive mindset and expecting success in all situations that you enter into will eventually attract other like minded folks to you.  Before you know it, things will start to happen for you and guess what happens when you cannot find the circumstances that you want?


Here comes the 3rd step and this is where it really gets fun!


When you desire specific circumstances that you cannot find….CREATE THEM!  When you have conditioned your thinking to support you success, you are already on your way.  The unknown is the length of the path or the challenges that you will face along the way.  I can guarantee you that tough times will come to pass.  Please be aware that I did not say “come to stay.”  I repeat that challenge will come to pass, and the only thing that changes the experience is how you choose to deal with it and your perspective on it.

Feel empowered?  You should because you are!

Once you surround yourself with others who support and embrace the power of a success focused mindset, you are well on your way.

When your find yourself creating the circumstances that you desire out of life you are already ahead of the majority of people!

Bye bye, victim thinking, salary limitations, time constraints, and being the star marionette puppet in someone else’s production.


Ready to take control of your future and your level of success?  ‘Bout time.

Let’s roll!

Strategy is not complex. But it is hard. It’s hard because it forces people and organizations to make specific choices about their future—something that doesn’t happen in most companies. “Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works explains everything.”

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