I bet you are happy and full of confidence when everything is going well in your life. But what happens when you get knocked down? When that right hook starts heading your way?  


Sometimes we find ourselves on the ground. Not really sure of how we got to that point.  This scenario is inevitable for us all and there is no escaping it completely. We all have a similar experience going through life, in that challenging times are guaranteed. What separates some of us from the rest is how we respond to the brutal knockdown.  Its nothing more than a simple decision that determines if we stay down or decide to get back up.  If you have more fight left in you, do you know how to get back up to the level where you once stood?


The struggle is necessary.

I am a believer in the notion that our real growth opportunities exist exclusively in times of struggle. Based on my own personal experiences I have this opinion. Plus, I have not come across a better educational institution than the one that life offers for FREE.  I know what it feels like to want to be somewhere that I am currently, not.  The growth for us occurs when we try new things and figure out how to get where we want to go.  We find ourselves hungry, creative, relentless, driven, and willing to try anything that may work or move us in the right direction.  When we are comfortable we become, literally and figuratively, “fat and lazy” because it does not require much effort to satisfy our basic needs.


Just caused you get knocked down, does not mean your out.

When you find yourself “down but not out,” I would suggest looking around to see where you are.  From there, your focus on your end goal has got to be both razor-sharp and crystal clear.  The most critical part comes next!  You must actually take action to make that first step forward, followed quickly by another and another.  Simply thinking and failing to take action is a giant waste of your time and will guarantee your failure.  If you want to wear the belt, you have to win the fight and you cannot do this on your back listening to the ten counts! Now is the time to get fired up and allow your desire for triumph to trump your fear of failure.  Believe that anything is possible because it is! Regardless of your upbringing, your level of education, your economic environment, and your work experience up to this point in time, you can achieve greatness starting right here and now.  This post is as much for me as it is for you!


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Here is the advice that I am giving myself that I will share with all of you as well.  We have no time for negativity or “what if we fail” scenarios.  We only have time for success and the pursuit of it.  Our lives are short so don’t waste your time overthinking things.  Hitting the canvas once takes some of the fear out of hitting it again. You come out of the fight stronger than when you went in. You know what to expect next time and you also know that you can stand back up and keep throwing punches.  Once you get back up, the key is how to not get hit again by that same punch!


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