Podcast Episode #1 – The Beginning

Only one way to start, at the beginning. This is my first podcast episode and I have no idea what to expect. It will be interesting to see where this goes and where my entrepreneurial journey leads as well. The podcast is the first piece of a big vision.

I imagine that I will look back on this first episode someday and shudder because I will see the inexperience that I had. This also serves as a starting point for something inspiring that is going to be much larger than I am. I am setting out to make an impact on the lives of others through stories, discussions, and interviews with people who have agreed to share their unique story with all of us.

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There is no time like the present to get started with something new, so let’s get to it!  Ready or not, here I come… Episode 1- The Beginning

Do not overthink it, my friends. Just take action!


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Full transcript:

Hello, this is Jason Wright and this is the first post of my new podcast, Intentionally inspirational. I am going to introduce myself and my business. I’ll kind of tell you how I got to where I’m at. The reason for existing with this and what my plans are going forward as well.

About me

So like I said, I’m Jason Wright. I am an entrepreneur. My business is called Grey Fox business solutions. My business is typically geared towards small business. Fus on some marketing tasks. I do freelance HR work. Also, I write for websites and blogs that type of thing. Basically, all those things seem kind of unrelated but they are actually more related than you may think.

They are all things I have an interest in. Plus I am somewhat good at.

I just kind of focus on the things that come naturally to me. The things that I can help other people with. So that is how that got to where it’s at. Throughout this journey, I have kind of had the need to give back to other entrepreneurs or other people in business. People that may be able to benefit from my experiences or my opinions or — some of the things that I have seen.

The Blog

What I started to do was blog a little bit on my website. The website is www.greyfoxbusinessblog.com. I put some posts out on LinkedIn and different social media channels. I did the blog and I liked that. Writing comes to me relatively easily. People seem to have some interest in what I say. That’s why the podcast is kind of the next step in the evolution of that.

If I can share something that somebody else gets to benefit from, why would I not do that you know? It’s certainly a win.

The name ‘Intentionally inspirational’ kind of popped into my head one night. I was putting together a blog and so that’s what I’m doing. I am writing as an outlet for myself. But I am inspiring people out there somewhere to some degree as well. It’s kind of a win-win for everybody.

Time to Evolve

So this is all kind of evolving and growing. I am rolling with it. Some of the services for my business are somewhat independent of the blogging. Also of the need to give back but — I think as time goes forward they all tie in together. It will make more sense to me how they fit together later. Just rolling with it for now.

So the evolution of Intentionally Inspirational. I started a LinkedIn group with the same name. I was just trying to connect with professionals from all walks of life and share stories. Something I got through might help another person and vice versa. So I see it as nothing but a positive thing. There’s no downside to it and we will see where that goes as well.

Here’s My Plan

So what I’m planning on doing is — kind of picking one of my blog topics each month or however often I decide to do this and kind of diving into it in greater detail on the podcast, just as a way to kind of stir some thoughts within your heads, a way for me to kind of reflect and dig deeper as well. Kind of — by talking about it out loud so to speak.

So — a blog that I had written a few weeks back that generated some response and — actually a topic I think about quite a bit, it’s called, ‘Why you need to stay hungry in order to perform your best.’ And — if you think about that — there is a lot to be said with such a simple statement. Staying hungry, when you are first getting into school, you got goals, you got aspirations, you got excitement.

That hunger as I will call it is what helps push you to reach your goals and to strive and take chances and to get up when you fall down. It keeps you focused and keeps your ferocious in the best way you can be.

Over time and life, whether it’s work, school, relationships etc. the natural human reaction is to lose that, you get comfortable, you get complacent. You start accepting what your normal is and you lose a little bit of that fire I think. Everybody goes through that, I think it’s pretty normal.

The Hunger

I believe you have to stay hungry in order to succeed because, as soon as you stop being hungry you stop pushing. When you stop pushing you basically — park yourself at your current state, it becomes your new normal and you don’t improve, you don’t make any changes or advancements so — you find yourself in life in a place you don’t want to be.

One thing that I’ve learned and I don’t know everything but, I will certainly share my experiences. Your situation is not going to change itself. You certainly have to take action, you certainly have to get fired up for greatness and push yourself to make something happen.

My Journey

So I will talk a little bit about my journey I guess and how that kind of relates to what I am talking about here. Last fall I — quit my job and pursued a more entrepreneurial lifestyle and opportunity for a few reasons. One, I just wasn’t satisfied with my place in the cooperate world, no fault of an employer or — any people, it was my fault solely. I realized that I wanted to do more, I realized I wasn’t satisfied with what I had accomplished, where I had been doing, the types of work I had done.

So I had to take action, so that’s what I did.

I want — complete control over my time.

Whether I work for myself or somebody else, obviously I have to work, there is going to be deadlines, there is going to be customers, clients etc to report to so to speak. So that doesn’t change, but having some control over my time is important to me. So that is one reason I did that.

Another reason is I didn’t want any cap on what I can earn obviously.

And the third thing is that I wanted to focus my time and my efforts on doing work that was meaningful to me and meaningful to other people and interesting as well.

My Hunger

Once I got those things lined up in my head, I developed my ‘why’ statement and my hunger. My hunger to get to — the place I wanted to go from where I was at currently. So — why this is important is — with my journey, the entrepreneurial journey, this — very difficult. Probably one of the hardest things I have ever done, but it is also rewarding.

If I was not hungry, if I was not focused on getting to where I wanted to go, when you have set backs and unexpected challenges, you tend to give up or want to bail out, or go safe route and — run back to a company and try and become an employee in my instance. That is not the right answer for me, so I know that if I stay focused, remember why I am doing this and think about it and push myself every day, I am going to get from where I am at right now today, to where I want to go.

You can do the same

Whether it’s working for yourself or whether it’s working in a different department, moving up positions, changing companies, changing career fields, improving relationships, feeling a better athlete — the list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter what you want to do, what does matter, what we are talking about here is — the need for you to stay internally driven and focused, not matter what, no matter what comes at you to get to the place you want to go.

Where I am now

So, like I said earlier, this is my first run at the podcasting thing, I am enjoying it right now, just thinking out loud, sharing that with you guys and gals. It’s a nice way for me to reflect and — see where I have come and where I’m at and remember where I am trying to go and — the whole point of this is that if one person can benefit from what I am saying or — identify with me and say, I am in the same place as Jason, this is cool, I’m not alone.

Then it’s a win, it doesn’t cost me any money, it requires a bit of my time obviously but — obviously it is a big deal, I am doing it from the comfort of my home office — and yeah we will see where it goes for sure so.

I certainly appreciate your attention today, we will see how the format goes going forward, I am sure it will be ever evolving and changing and — always tweaking and trying to make things better. If you guys have comments or feedback I would love to hear it, good bad or indifferent.

I’d appreciate your feedback.

The only feedback I care about is the authentic feedback, if you hate it and you think I am wasting your time, that’s what I want to hear from you. If you think I might be onto something and want to see where it goes, let me know that too, that would be good stuff — so.

What I kind of envision in the future is some other guys and gals that I know that I would love to get on here and pick the brains of some different people and maybe get your questions and run with some of those. Just really see where it goes but I would like to make this as interactive as I can, as I can from being in the hot seat so to speak.

But getting other people on here and picking their brain and their thoughts, I think will — add to the value of this and like I said, if I can intentionally inspire someone it’s a win, hopefully, it motivates you guys and gals to do the same thing.

In our walks with life, we come in contact with people every single day, we have the ability to make a positive impact, it’s a decision, so why not make it, why not try to improve the world around us.

Certainly, you can do little things, easy things every day to people around you and — when you start looking at yourself differently, your interactions with people around you, you will be surprised how much more productive they become. How much positive feedback you start to get so, it’s free stuff, it’s easy stuff and anybody can do it.

Like Michael Jackson said, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change. That’s no joke, that’s good stuff.

Thank you!

I appreciate your time and attention, short podcast but just getting it out there getting rolling with it. My name is Jason Wright. I would love to see you guys come visit my blog at intentionallyinspirational.com. On the main page, you will see my blog posts.

I appreciate it, until next time you guys be safe and have fun and see if you can inspire somebody yourselves. Thank you.