Episode #196: Being Authentic To Your Audience with Krista Ripma

In this episode, I speak to Krista Ripma from Authentic Audience about all things marketing. This conversation took place right around the time that things really started to get crazy with COVID. We share a lot of laughs, authentic conversation (that should come as no surprise) and we really break down the simplicity of the customer journey. It was one of the more enjoyable episodes that I have recorded in a long time. This one is a must-listen, so enjoy!



About Krista Ripma

At the center of Authentic Audience, is our co-founder, heart and soul, Krista Ripma. Her mission is to inspire others to tell their stories and share their truth through radically honest marketing. Because Krista intimately understands the web of personal passions, online platforms, and the human networks that drive success, she is able to create and hone stunning and compelling brands and digital launches.


About Authentic Audience


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Contact Krista Ripma

Website: https://www.authenticaudience.co/

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