Meet Your Hosts

Brandy Montambo

As consultant and member of the strategy team for Swoz Leadership, Brandy Montambo specializes in marketing, business development, and organizational change. She received her BS in Education from the University of Memphis and is a certified Lifeforming Leadership Coach. Her career highlights include working with non-profits to encourage giving and promote brand awareness, performing conflict intervention and strategic mission/vision planning for churches, recruiting for a national leadership program, and providing expertise in planning and facilitation of organizational development initiatives for Swoz Leadership. She is passionate about empowering women and frontline leadership. When she’s not spending time team building or serving clients, Brandy and her family can be found soaring above the clouds in their favorite single-engine airplanes! Brandy currently resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband Ryan and their two teenage children.

Jason Wright

Jason Wright is the founder of Intentionally Inspirational which is a premier digital marketing automation agency that offers strategy, design, development and ongoing management of digital marketing automation solutions.  His areas of expertise and focus include email marketing, funnels, marketing automation and the Facebook family of ad products.  The platforms that he spends most of his time in includeActiveCampaignClickFunnels and of course, Facebook.  Jason is also the original founder and host of of this podcast.

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4. After we record the episode, it will be edited and scheduled for release.

5. We then send you an email once your episode goes live. We also send social media sharing materials that you are able to use (we heavily promote our content to our audience and encourage our guests to do the same.)

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We use and strongly recommend Acast (formerly Pippa) for its ease of use, customer support, analytics and wide range of sharing platforms.  If you are new to podcasting or just looking to make a change, these guys are worth checking out.