Episode #194: Cracking the Code with Nathan Hirsch

In this episode, I catch back up with an old friend Nathan Hirsch. Nathan’s new business, Outsource School, is designed to help you crack the code for hiring the right virtual assistants to help grow your business. I also talk a bit about how the pandemic is weighing on us all, especially the entrepreneurs. It is easy to get mentally worn out with your business and there is no time like the present to reevaluate your choices and get excited again about the journey. Enjoy!



About Nathan Hirsch

Nathan’s mission is to help busy online entrepreneurs work less but get more done. As a kid, all he wanted was to own his own business. But he didn’t realize what that really meant. Unfortunately, with his first business as an Amazon seller, he found he was overworked doing every little thing with the business. He was too stressed and knew he had to hire people but no one around him was reliable. Nathan learned about virtual assistants from a friend and hired his first virtual assistant, then a second, then a third.

He made some good hires and a lot of bad. People quit and others didn’t communicate or follow directions. He spent years doing constant trial and error on the interview, onboarding, training, and managing processes. Spending tens of thousands of dollars and endless hours just trying to figure out a great hiring process for virtual assistants. When he finally figured it out, it changed his life. He built and sold an Eight figure business (FreeUp.net) completely run by remote virtual assistants in the Philippines.

That’s right….No Office…..No US Employees…. Helping hard-working business owners is Nathan’s goal. He wants to give them the option to skip the years of trial and error and hire the right virtual assistants the first time. Forget the years of stress and frustration that wasted time and money. Nathan does not provide the actual virtual assistants. Instead what he offers is a proven system and process to hire rockstar reliable virtual assistants day in and day out and have them stick around for years to come.


About Outsource School

Co-Founders Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan spent years scaling multiple 8 figure companies hiring and working with virtual assistants. They have a proven track record of scaling companies quickly with virtual teams. At the end of 2019, they concluded there had to be a better way for other businesses to learn how to scale by hiring virtual assistants. So they decided to combine all of our experiences and knowledge and put it into one platform – that’s how Outsource School was born.

They are determined to make Outsource School the top destination online for business owners to learn how to scale their marketing and operations with the help of virtual talent.


Contact Nathan Hirsch

Website: https://www.outsourceschool.com/

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