Episode #192: Conversational Copywriting with Nick Usborne

In this episode, I talk with Nick Usborne of Conversational Copywriting. We have a great conversation! Nick stresses the importance of honesty and transparency in your marketing. If you are looking to boost your sales you will want to hear this. I also, talk a bit about the challenge 2020 has been for all. This year has been a tough one economically for most. However, it is in times like these that we have to find perspective. When things are hard it can be so easy to only see where you wanted to be. Instead, I challenge you to look at how far you have come. Finding perspective is what will help you stay motivated to keep going. You don’t want to miss this episode!



About Nick Usborne

“Make it more conversational to connect with the audience.” Conversational writing sounds good and makes sense to most marketers, writers, creators, and leaders. However, how do you actually write conversationally so it builds trust and delivers results? That’s the crux of Nick Usborne’s mission.

Nick and his Conversational Copywriter’s Manifesto helps us understand why selling with honesty and transparency is so important. Nick’s message then teaches us the how behind the why. He brings real-world tips to your audience along with engaging stories on how this works.

Whether you own a salon or you’re a dentist, how you communicate with your potential clients’ matters. Even if you’re not a writer, you’ll need to communicate.


About Conversational Copywriting

Write powerful web copy that drives sales… without being pushy, loud or manipulative. You know how it feels when you’re exposed to hard-charging sales copy. It feels kind of yucky. Right? Definitely unwelcome.

Fortunately, there’s a different way. A better way. Conversational copywriting makes the sale without resorting to the traditional playbook of direct sales copywriting. It relies instead on the natural persuasive power of everyday conversational language. It works through honest persuasion, not through hype or manipulation. It’s a more open and transparent way to build lasting relationships and drive more sales.

Today’s online consumers don’t like pushy, loud sales pitches. They don’t like being sold AT in the old-school, in-your-face, broadcast-style. This is why so many people install ad-blockers, and why they filter out so much of their email. Prospects are just turned off by that traditional copywriting approach.

Conversational copywriting doesn’t just happen. It’s a craft you need to learn. It took years to map out and develop the process of conversational copywriting. But there was an urgent need for comprehensive, professional-grade training in the conversational approach to copywriting online. The result? The Conversational Copywriting course. This is a how-to, hands-on course comprising 18 video lectures, plus bonus materials and homework assignments. The course is for both copywriters and business owners who care about the kind of sales copy they write.



Contact Nick Usborne

Website: https://conversationalcopywriting.com/

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