Episode #190: Becoming Unstoppable with Steve Gordon

In this episode, I talk with Steve Gordon. Steve is an author, podcast host, and founder of the Unstoppable CEO. His entrepreneurial journey is an interesting one. He also shares some tips to overcome the biggest challenges in growing and attracting clients when you’re a service-based business. A simple reminder about marketing is it is a conversation. You wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street saying, “hey want to buy my stuff?”. Don’t approach your customers that way. Marketing is a relationship. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, what does that journey look like? That is always a great way to really evaluate how your marketing campaign will be received.




About Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon is an author, podcast host, and founder of The Unstoppable CEO. He became a CEO at the age of 28 and knew nothing about marketing or selling. He grew tired of sleepless nights wondering where the next client was coming from, so he decided it was time to start studying. Twelve years later, he grew the firm’s revenue 10-fold and started his second business consulting with businesses across 30 industries to design sales, marketing, and referral systems for high-ticket/high-trust products and services. Today, he continues to share his passion and expertise with others about unique growth opportunities and helping them build systems to attract their ideal clients.


About The Unstoppable CEO

Attracting clients is more complex and confusing today than it’s ever been. There are thousands of methods available to people to market and attract clients. Yet, all of that choice creates a serious problem. Most businesses don’t know which methods to use, or where to start. After all, most are not professional marketers. 

When you’re selling a service it is a completely different ballgame. When selling your expertise as a service, sales “tactics” work against you. It’s almost impossible to “sell” a prospect, then turn around and be their “trusted advisor and counselor.” Businesses need a way to market and sell–to create demand–that doesn’t require “selling” the way it’s taught in seminars.

The Unstoppable CEO builds a done-for-you marketing system (and keeps it running), designed for the unique challenges of selling professional services.



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Website: https://unstoppableceo.net

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