Episode #188: Nothing but CROSSNET with Greg Meade

In this episode, Brandy and I get to chat with Greg Meade of CROSSNET. Which is a truly innovative idea. They have combined four-square and volleyball to create a brand new game. Plus, the timing of this episode is great too as so many of us are stuck at home and many stuck in a rut. With everything happening in the world currently, it is easy to lose your motivation. Something like this gives you a great opportunity to get up, get outside and maybe stir up some nostalgic childhood memories. Enjoy!




About Greg Meade

Greg Meade is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CROSSNET. Greg manages all aspects of the company. Including marketing, finances, legal to employee and contractor relations. In addition, he helps generate daily ideas that will lead the business down the path of success.

Greg is an adept marketer forged in the start-up world with a black hat social media background. Seven years of building multiple successful companies has taught him how to put together the perfect team.

Featured in Huffington Post, Future Sharks, Everipedia and Entrepreneur.




It’s not every day that a new sport is created – but that’s exactly what happened when three friends from a small town in Connecticut combined an old game called four square and volleyball. Growing up together in the “Quiet Corner” of CT, brothers Greg and Chris Meade constantly sought new sports and activities to keep them busy with their childhood friend Mike Delpapa. 

One night in May 2017, Chris, now 26, his brother, Greg, 25, and Mike, 25, got to reunite. Reminiscing on recess days playing four square, the three friends struck an idea for a four-way volleyball game that merged traditional volleyball with four square. By dividing the court into four quadrants, rather than in half, they envisioned a new game that incorporated the nostalgic feel of recess. After creating a prototype and inviting their friends to come play, they were not able to turn them away. That’s when they knew we were onto something!

Since that moment over 2 years ago, the trio has made it their mission to spread the game of CROSSNET throughout the world.  



Contact Greg Meade

Website: https://www.crossnetgame.com/



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