Episode #186: Podcasting Class Is Now In Session with Dave Jackson

In this episode, Brandy and I get the opportunity to spend some time with Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting. Dave is an absolute veteran in the podcasting world and a Hall of Famer (yes that is a thing). For practical advice and info about the power of podcasting, you need to check this episode out. As a bonus, I will even throw in some comic relief for you. Enjoy!




About Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson is an award-winning podcaster who has been podcasting since April 2005. He’s been helping people understand technology for over 20 years. Eventually launching the School of Podcasting in 2005. His podcast has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts, and recorded hundreds of episodes (thousands?) of his own. He has been a speaker for many years. He has spoken at the New Media Expo, Podcast Movement, Podfest, DC Podfest, MapCon, and other conventions.

Dave Jackson has been teaching people technology since 1995. Even once designed a class to teach people how to surf the Internet because they didn’t know what it was. At one point in his career he was a three-time “Employee of the Year” winner of a 40 million dollar company. While working there, he worked in about every department the company had from a technician, customer service, marketing, software development, training).

When he is not podcasting, he is a guitarist in a local Ohio band. In addition, he is active in his church and is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Akron.


About School of Podcasting

“The School of Podcasting” Is a podcast that helps you discover the power of podcasting. It helps you avoid the common mistakes that podcasters make. From planning, producing, and promoting your podcast along with all the tools and techniques. If you’re looking to start a podcast or a veteran podcaster, you can catch some great insights with this free podcast. 

The School of Podcasting website is for the person looking to launch their own podcast. People who want to do it right the first time. They want to be seen as an expert, reach a global audience, make more sales, know their audience, meet like-minded people, and grow their community. School of Podcasting has great step by step tutorials that will show you how to use podcast software titles like Audacity, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, and more. These tutorials walk you through the entire podcasting process.



Contact Dave Jackson

Website: https://schoolofpodcasting.com/

Email: dave@schoolofpodcasting.com

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