Episode #184: The Marketing Adventures Of “Mattman” with Andrew Schlesser

In this episode, we all spent a decent amount of time discussing a delicious Italian sandwich. You might be thinking to yourself that this conversation sounds strange…or you may be thinking that it sounds delicious. Either way, you would be correct. Seriously though, the approach to marketing that our guest Andrew Schlesser shares worked wonderfully for his company. It can help you too. It is often the simple things that work the best when you also focus on humanizing the customer experience. Check this episode out because I know that you will love it. Enjoy!





About Andrew “Mattman” Schlesser

Schlesser is the manager and “Director of Fun” at Sweet Dreams according to owners Greg and Katy Law. He has served in that role for 13 years.

He is perhaps best known for his Alter-ego, “Mattman” – The Superhero at Sweet Dreams. Law states, “Mattman Fights the things that keep us up at night, so that you can fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer so you can get the good night’s sleep that you deserve.”

Andrew and his team are well-known for making a positive impact in their community—especially caring for local veterans and those who may require assistance in filling the gaps of insurance and/or VA assistance. In 2018, he helped improve the quality of life for two physically handicapped veterans by donating a lift chair and an articulating bed. 


About Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture

Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture in Mooresville, NC is a family-owned business since 2002 with four locations around Lake Norman. Sweet Dreams believes that great customer service starts with how you treat your customers and employees. “Our family has a fun-natured attitude that spreads to all of our staff. So, whether you’re related to us or not, we share that same attitude and positive outlook on life with you!”

With a strong following on social media and hundreds of 5-star ratings, it’s easy to see that they are more than just another mattress and furniture store. “My brother-in-law, Greg, said it best–when we’re all done working and we look back over what we accomplished as a business, we want there to be more than just transactions and numbers. We want to know we made a difference and memories to reflect upon that make us smile”, says Schlesser. 

Sweet Dreams is proud to offer a 5% military discount! 



Contact Andrew Schlesser

Website: www.sdmattress.com/

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