Episode #183: Pinterest Marketing Demystified with Kate Ahl

In this episode, I share a recent experience with a weekend getaway. After that, I share my thoughts on taking breaks. Brandy and I had the privilege of spending some time with Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media. Kate has an amazing story! She has built a more amazing niche company. Kate shares some common misconceptions around what Pinterest actually is. Plus how to use it properly. This is one of those episodes that will truly make you want to take action.  Listen to this episode and enjoy it!





About Kate Ahl

Kate Ahl has a passion for helping businesses grow using Pinterest. Businesses such as bloggers/content creators and small business owners can greatly benefit. As she teaches Pinterest marketing, she aims for it to be actionable, simple steps. She helps business owners move forward successfully. Moreover, they no longer feel overwhelmed.

It all started sitting at a friend’s kitchen table. She had seen an opportunity in Pinterest. While sitting there her friend suggested she start managing people’s accounts. Originally, Kate had been a blog administrator. She ran Amazon affiliate campaigns and drove traffic to her website through Facebook. Then Facebook made a big algorithm change. After that, bloggers were no longer getting the free traffic they were accustomed to. However, this helped her recognize the power of Pinterest. She saw it as an entrepreneurial opportunity. Due to that realization, it led her to buy her first Pinterest course. She dove headfirst into consuming everything about Pinterest marketing.

Kate launched Simple Pin Media in January 2014.  It became a full-fledged marketing agency in November of that year. Now, Simple Pin Media is a team of 40. Who servces hundreds of Pinterest accounts. They eat, sleep, breathe, study, examine and talk Pinterest ALL DAY LONG. 

In addition to running Simple Pin Media, Kate hosts a podcast. Her podcast is Simple Pin Podcast. She also speaks at conferences.



About Simple Pin Media


Simple Pin Media is a full-service Pinterest marketing agency. They offer a suite of services. Clients include content creators, product sellers, and online business owners. This team can assist with organic management to Promoted Pins, Pinterest image creation, and strategy calls. They have something for every business niche.

Simple Pin Media serves its clients with over six years of Pinterest marketing experience. After working with over 600 Pinterest accounts and a team of 40 proficient Pinterest marketing specialists. Due to this experience, they possess a wide variety of Pinterest skills. Those skills range from organic Pinterest management, Pinterest Image Creation and Promoted Pins management. They can handle all of your Pinterest marketing needs.



Contact Kate Ahl

Website: www.simplepinmedia.com

Podcast: Listen to the Simple Pin Podcast

Blog: Read Her Blog



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