Episode #180: The Making Of Marketplace Superheroes with Stephen Somers

In this episode, I get unusually reflective before diving into a phenomenal conversation with Stephen Somers from Marketplace Superheroes. Sometimes, patience and experience in your field are the two things that can help you the most.  In saying that, I am not a patient person in most scenarios so this can be a tough pill for me to swallow. As I reflected on-air, I realized the significant difference that a year can bring. Enjoy!



About Stephen Somers

Marketplace Superhero was founded by Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey, his first mentor. Stephen spent years trying to figure out how to build an online business. This journey started 7 years ago when he first started selling online.

He invested thousands upon thousands trying to find someone who would show him how to actually build a business. But not just any business, one that would pay him every single month. Plus allow him to move from working a job that was crushing his soul to building businesses full time.

After working in Robert’s business for almost a year, learning everything he could about how to create an online business, he went on to generate millions of dollars in revenue on Amazon & other online marketplaces.

Now Stephen is a serial entrepreneur who operates with multiple partners, generating multiple 7 figures in revenue.



Who Are Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace Superheroes have created the most complete step-by-step program. This program teaches you exactly how to find simple, low Competition, high-profit products and sell them globally on Amazon. Sounds good right? Well, it’s as simple as 4 easy steps.

If you’ve never sold on Amazon before and want to learn how to do it the right way from day one, then watch their webinar that will teach you how to get started immediately, skipping years of trial and error. Check out step one and the rest of their site here.


Contact Stephen Somers

Website: marketplacesuperheroes.com



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