Episode #179: A Better Approach To Facebook Ads with Adam Sand

In this episode, I get the privilege of speaking to Adam Sand from Roofing Business Partner. Now before you assume that this episode will have nothing of value for you, listen up. Adam has had an abundance of success with Facebook Ads and he breaks down his process in great detail. For anyone who has struggled to experience success or maintain success with Facebook Ads, this episode is for you. In addition to the value, there is lots of laughs and great conversation as well. This is an episode that you will want to make time to listen to. Enjoy!



About Adam Sand

Unlike most people touting internet marketing skills, Adam has actually done it. He currently owns, and assists in operating a successful roofing company with his business partner Joe. His passion is business development and after 15 years of marketing a variety of industries, he has found his home in helping contractors. He has seen first hand the life-changing difference it can make when a Roofer has the benefit of good-paying customers flowing in on Auto-Pilot. He feels there is nothing more rewarding than helping a hard worker build the life of his dreams for himself and his family.


About Roofing Business Partner

Roofing Business Partner is different than the rest. Most internet marketers that are reaching out to roofers have never done it themselves. There is a big difference between marketing online companies and marketing real businesses. The best way to make money online is to sell the dream of making money online. When it comes to actually building a real brick and mortar or local services business… the industry is full of people who have no clue.

All the courses available online are primarily designed for internet marketers who want to sell things online – and they train on different pipelines to accomplish this. Facebook ads, Youtube Videos, Google Adwords, and so on.

The internet is FULL of this, and it is nothing like the process of selling a $12,000 Roof. The way you set up a campaign to build a roofing company to the point of having a conveyor belt delivering ideal clients reliably and daily, on autopilot is WAY different than selling stuff or information online. The statistics and metrics by which advertising is measured are completely different. However, that does not mean that it’s less effective. In fact, my Ultimate Roofer Marketing method is almost exclusively online and is incredibly common sense.

As a Roofer, this will either fascinate or frighten you… Regardless of your reaction, you owe it to yourself to know the TRUTH about Online advertising.


Contact Adam Sand

Website: https://roofingbusinesspartner.com/

Email: AdamSandLTD@gmail.com

Podcast: https://roofingbusinesspartner.com/podcast/


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