Episode #174: Pursuing Your Dream Ventures with Corey Richard

In this episode, I finally share some closure on the situation with my missing co-host. I also have a nice, long conversation with Corey Richard from Dream Ventures. This is a unique episode because this is my first time interviewing a Facebook group growth hacker. This is super helpful information that you will not want to miss. Enjoy!

About Corey Richard

Corey is an online marketer in the travel and positive thinking space. He is obsessed with personal development and helping you live your best life.

Due to his passion for travel, he has created a Facebook group for those who currently share his travel enthusiasm… or would like to.  Corey shares travel deals and tips with his audience to help ensure they get the most out of their trip.

Check out and join his Facebook group: Travel Secrets VIPs.


About Travel Secrets VIPs

Would you like to travel more often for less money? ✈️😍 Our community is for travel enthusiasts and those who wish to become travel enthusiasts! 🏝  We are likeminded, kind, positive people who want nothing more than to get out and see more of this beautiful world with those we love! 🌎 Want to win a free hotel stay or airfare gift card? We sponsor fun giveaways every single month to help you save on travel! 🎁 Our vision is to help create a future where anyone can afford multiple vacations per year with their loved ones no matter what. ✨We look forward to your contributions to our amazing travel family! ❤️



Contact Corey

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/travelsecretsvips/


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