Episode #171: Meet Nick Mann from TyypoPrints

In this episode, I fly solo (with no Brandy) and spend some time talking to Nick Mann from TyypoPrints.com. He shares his journey into entrepreneurship, tells me why he does what he does and he shares his insights on how digital marketing has helped him grow his company to what it is today. I will say that Nick and I both have a strong inspirational theme to our companies and what we do. In my opinion, there is really no better angle to have. Enjoy!


About Nick

Nick’s experience as a designer has taken him through multiple marketing agencies and then designing children’s books. In addition to being a designer, Nick writes a lot in his free time and it is his passion to experiment in new mediums. Nick also hosts “The Don’t Quit” Podcast. To watch this podcast episode, click here

Contact Nick

Email: Nick@TyypoPrints.com

Website: tyypoprints.com

Podcast: The Don’t Quit Podcast