Episode #125 – Living A Level 10 Life With Katie Maggio

In this episode, I talk about the marathon of entrepreneurship and the casualties that come with it. I also get the privilege of spending a majority of the show talking with Katie Maggio who is the creator of the Level 10 Performance Method. This is a refreshing and inspirational episode that will have something in it for everyone. My closing thought this week is one of those that someone desperately needs to hear right now. Could it be you? Check out the episode and enjoy! 

About Katie Maggio

It is easy to get stuck in life. I want to remind you to listen to that voice inside, let yourself transition naturally, access grace and complete the life change to live a level 10 lifestyle. What does this entail – it is being true to yourself, emotional IQ, healthy living, fighting the correct battles, not buying into counterfeit energy, when you do this you will become irresistible. Embrace this IT IS NOW OR NEVER to live a level 10 lifestyle. 

You CAN have it all- you can love everything about life- you can build your empire. Are you ready to live a 10 lifestyle?

I am Katie Maggio Ultimate Success coach and host of the Level 10 Life Podcast – I  live in my mission and purpose every day.  I believe in the Level 10 Method. I will help you change your mindset in 10 areas of life:

1. Environment in your home or office
2. Health and fitness
3. Paying it forward/giving back
4.Fun and Recreation
8.Personal growth and development
9. Family and friends


I will take you to expansion and to a Level 10 in all areas of your life. – I work with highly motivated clients from all over the world.

In 2007 I completed my studies at the University of New Hampshire in Business and Education. I am certified in Speaking, Coaching, and Training.

I am married to my husband Craig, I have two amazing daughters – Two cats, a dog, and a fish tank.

My training is not for the weak- I will kick you in the behind and then give you a hug. I want to help you transform your body, nutrition, mindset, and business to get you living a Level 10 Life! I am your support system- your champion. My coaching programs are the perfect integration for TOTAL TRANSFORMATION- while focusing on Emotional IQ to be the best you can be.

Take the Level 10 Life Journey with me – ITS NOW OR NEVER!

Contact Katie

Email: katie.maggio18@gmail.com

Website: katiemaggio.com