Episode #111 – How To Ethically Clone Yourself With Brook Borup

In this episode, I open the show by talking about the rewards of being disciplined and patient. Then I have a great conversation with Brook Borup from My Clone Solution and she shares some information that will change you forever! I know you are curious about this episode so check it out. Enjoy!


About Brook Borup

Brook is the owner of My Clone Solution, as well as the head clone.

Brook has been described as your Swiss Army Knife for Business. As a jack of all trades and master of none, she is the go-to person for a solution to almost any business pain. The solution may be in the form of a conversation, introduction, or good old-fashioned hard work. Rest assured if there is someone or something that you need Brook can show you the way!


About My Clone Solution

The My Clone Solution team are huge proponents of education but we’re even bigger supporters of delegation and efficiency. Why spend hours learning something you don’t need when your business needs you? We’re here to tie the loose ends so you can focus on running your business smoothly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach someone to do all the tasks that you do daily, weekly, monthly, annually? If you wanted to sell your business today and you had nothing in place it could take you 3-7 years to get your asking price. This is because your business can’t run without you.

This is where we extract your processes and create standard operating procedures. If you are looking to hire someone this service will give you the ability to know how many hours you need, what the job description is,`1 and what type of person would be right for the job.

This is multiple birds, with one stone scenario.


Contact Brook

Email: myclonesolution@gmail.com

Website: myclonesolution.com



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