Episode #11 – Inspirational Training The Hamilton Way with Jared Hamilton

My guest is Jared Hamilton. Jared is a natural entrepreneur who has made his obsession with helping people into a successful business. Jared has tons of energy, drive, and big plans for his future.

As you listen to this episode, Jared will reaffirm all of this and share so much more!


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A Few Book Recommendations

  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

Both of these titles are available on Audible and you can get one of them FREE on audiobook by clicking this link!

About Jared Hamilton

Jared HamiltonI’m Jared, founder of Hamilton Trained.

I’m a lifetime student. When it comes to the fitness industry a degree or certification doesn’t necessarily equate to knowledge and skill. A piece of paper is still just that if the recipient doesn’t truly care for his craft or those he trains. I’ve met some “fitness professionals” who are ignorant when it comes to this industry. What should be a means to help others becomes a simple paycheck. I’m more impressed by trainers and coaches who have pure passion for this industry; those who go on to be ‘self-teachers’ and always push themselves to be better.

I have a degree and national level certifications but what I pride myself on is the knowledge I’ve gained outside of standard schooling. When I coach people I have a reason behind everything I do. It all comes down to science and physiology. If you’re ever concerned, I welcome any and all questions!



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