Episode #105 – Grinding Part-time… All Of The Time with Flavia Berys

In this episode, I announce my new “full access project”. It documents the unedited journey of an entrepreneur. I do it with simple. Raw audio from my iPhone. It’s a very different format than my usual show. You may find it interesting. So check it out. Today, I speak with Flavia Berys. And we dig into her experiences. She is a lifestyle entrepreneur. She also offers three critical marketing tips for startups. You won’t want to miss these. Enjoy!


About Flavia Berys


Her life motto.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness. But money in the hands of a happy person? There’s no greater tool!”

Previously, Flavia practiced real estate law. Working for one of the largest global law firms. She was involved in large-scale legal matters for Fortune 50 companies. Plus other high-profile clients. Currently, she teaches as an adjunct law professor and as an instructor at a local college.

Prior to and during law school, Flavia worked as a marketing consultant. As well as a cheerleading and dance team director. She also was a notary public, real estate broker, event planner, and magazine editor. Her wide array of professional experience enables her to serve her clients better.  With resourcefulness, empathy, and creativity.


Previous work experience.

She also works in the sports entertainment field. Flavia is a consultant to pro-level entertainment & cheerleading squads.

She is the original creator of POM FIT™, CARDIO KICKLINE™, POM POM ABS™, and the POM POM FITNESS™ workouts. As well as the founder of PRO CHEER LIFE™. Online classes are available at www.procheerlife.com.

Also a published writer. Her book Professional Cheerleading Audition Secrets: How To Become an Arena Cheerleader.  Available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/VOAEmg. It is a best seller in its category!

She is an experienced judge and organizer of professional cheerleading auditions worldwide. Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox 6 San Diego, KFMB Channel 8 San Diego, Muscle & Fitness MagazineWoman’s DigestThe La Jolla Light. As well as others have featured stories about Flavia’s involvement in the world of dance and cheerleading. Her 20-year involvement in the sport includes three years as a UCLA Cheerleader. Plus five years as an instructor for the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA). Then two years cheering professionally for the NFL. She was a San Diego Charger Girl before taking her cheerleading career behind the scenes.


She’s a World Traveler.

Flavia coordinated promotional appearances. As well as transportation logistics for the 2002 and 2003 NFL Pro Bowl cheerleading programs. These programs were in Honolulu, Hawaii. There she had the opportunity to meet and work with cheerleaders from almost every NFL football team. Flavia also directed and choreographed halftime shows.  For 2000, 2001, and 2002 San Diego Jr. Charger Girl Programs.  Plus organized and administered a series of youth cheerleading clinics on the island of Guam.

She worked internationally in Prague, Czech Republic. Where she directed Eastern Europe’s first professional cheerleading team. The Eurotel Cheerleaders, which was later renamed the Chilli Cheerleaders. She serves as the executive advisor to professional cheerleading teams. Such as the San Diego Enforcer Girls in the NPSFL football league.

In her spare time, she enjoys hobbies. Horse polo, rock climbing, yoga, aerial circus arts, motorcycles, reading, and dance.


Check out her businesses.

Visit one of these websites to learn more about Flavia:

Contact Flavia Berys

Email: flavia@berys.com

Website: LifestyleSolopreneur.com


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