Episode #100 – A Look Back On The First 100 Episodes & A Conversation with Awilda Rivera

In this episode, I reflect back upon the first 100 episodes of the podcast. I talk a bit about the journey up to this point and the future of the show. I also share a wonderful conversation with my guest this week. Awilda Rivera has had an amazing entrepreneurial journey and her awesome business. Finally, I announce the release of my first book, The Backwards Route To Forward Progress which is available at www.thebackwardsroutebook.com in ebook and paperback formats. Enjoy!


About Awilda Rivera

Awilda’s life’s work is about helping & empowering others. At a young age, she understood the importance of giving back and being a resource to those in need. As an adult, her mission is to provide others with the tools & support they need to experience the success they desire.

If you would have dared to tell her 10 years ago that after attending Law School, she was not going to practice law, she would have laughed you out of the room! However, in her late 20s, she experienced a reawakening that opened her eyes. She noticed the startling reality that people all around her (including herself) were yearning for something more.  This was a truth that resonated with her so deeply that she could not turn away from it.  Then she took a deep breath and turned the light of truth on herself.  She realized that she wanted more money, freedom, direction. She wanted to know that she was making an impact in peoples lives. Ultimately, she wanted to be successful and wanted to help others be successful too.

She chose to become a certified life coach and certified yogi. Both Yoga and Coaching offer a path to self-empowerment,  self-actualization, and personal abundance.  Each presumes that you already have all the answers within – the goal is to unlock that inner treasure and manifest the life you want NOW.


Contact Awilda

Email: contact@awildarivera.com

Website: www.awildarivera.com



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