Episode #95 – Blazing Your Own Trail To Personal Profitability with Eric Rosenberg

In this episode, Eric Rosenberg and I discuss his journey and where most startups get it wrong. We also talk about setting up multiple incomes streams, which is something that is super smart for everyone to do. This is also one of my favorite topics to explore. Finally, Eric gives us three tips for living a richer life. This episode offers good conversation and there is a wealth of value to be had. Listen to it!

About Eric

Eric is a finance guy from Colorado who followed a dream and moved to Portland, quit his job to work online full-time, and then moved to the beach in California. He has both an undergraduate degree and MBA in finance and shares great income growth, investment, banking, and lifestyle articles and podcast episodes every week on Personal Profitability.

His life experience includes world travels, starting profitable side-income generating businesses, and work in personal banking and corporate finance.

He has been the guy who decides if you get a mortgage. He has been the guy you called asking about waiving an overdraft fee. He has made investment choices for a university, and his own finances. And, through his site, has helped countless people clean up and fix their finances.

In addition to dealing with the money (and debt) he already had, he makes thousands of dollars each month outside his day job. He shares monthly updates on how much he earned and write regularly about how he did it.


Contact Eric

Email: eric@personalprofitability.com

Website: Personalprofitability.com