Episode #94 – You Are What You Think About with Maura Sweeney

In this episode, I got to immerse myself in the mindset and motivation stuff that I value so much. None of this would have been possible without the perspective and expertise of my guest, Maura Sweeney. She brought a ton of knowledge to the conversation and shared 3 tips for sustaining happiness and a positive mindset for the entrepreneur. Check these tips out because I still talk to startups all of the time who struggle horribly in this area. I cannot emphasize this enough and I know that there are a lot of people who still value hearing a positive message like this. Good company and a great episode, check it out!

About Maura

Maura brings more than just her own journey away from NJ law school. She brings corporate life, child-rearing era, global travels and more into my current roles as HuffPost bloggerpodcasterspeaker and publisher of her husband’s MIKE Sports Comic Book series. There’s something to be discovered on her site for anyone seeking personal inspiration, support, and uplift.

Life is more than how we define our careers. And our happiness and well-being are derived from many wonderful perspectives. Every circumstance in life invites us to grow, evolve and become a symbol of our higher self.

Maura feels we all have a story and each of us is called to follow our inner light. We need not compare ourselves with others but, instead, remain true to ourselves. We’re each a unique gift and treasure waiting to be displayed to the world around us.

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