Episode #91 – Broke To 2 Million Using Facebook Ads with Dan Henry

In this episode, I talk with Dan Henry of the famous “Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs” course that has taken the online marketing world by storm. Dan shares his incredible story with me and how he has overcome some really low points in his journey to make it to where he is at today. Dan also shares some great strategies and tips for getting the most out of your Facebook ads. If this episode doesn’t leave you both motivated and inspired, nothing will. Check it out!

Conversation Notes from this Episode

  • Less than two years ago Dan and his wife were running a very successful affiliate marketing company.  It disappeared almost overnight, after Google decided to change it’s algorithms.
  • He went from successful to dead broke, immediately.
  • At one point, him and his wife wore t-shirts that said “Water $1.”
  • His wife suggested that he run Facebook ads for local businesses, since he was already good at it.
  • Dan went $0 to $10,000 in less than 30 days after doing this.
  • He put together a course called, “Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs” and it blew up!
  • Dan is now helping others sell paid traffic for their courses too.
  • Dan shares a phenomenal success story that made a Christmas miracle happen.  Awesome!
  • Listen to find out how a case study can help you get big wins.
  • When Dan was growing his nightclub business, he really learned Facebook ads.
  • Dan talks about the power of positivity.  It’s good to piss people off, because there are always others who are going to agree with you.
  • Websites have too many choices and funnels get you to leave or “do the next thing.”  This is an important distinction.
  • Dan is getting 56% optins for his funnels (impressive).
  • 70% of people who buy courses never open or start them.
  • “You cannot save people, you can only lead them.” – awesome quote he heard.
  • Dan stresses the importance of passive ads.


About Dan

Dan is a serial entrepreneur, who went from delivering pizzas to one of the fastest growing internet marketers in the world.  He is best known for his “Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs” course which teaches people how to get the most out of their Facebook ads.  To learn more about Dan, please visit this link.  

Check out this webinar training that Dan setup for the Intentionally Inspirational tribe: https://www.danhenry.org/inspire


Website: https://www.danhenry.org