Episode #88 – Living The Laptop Lifestyle with Danny Flood

In this episode, I get to talk to Danny Flood about his business and learn how he has built a truly location independent business that he enjoys. This is a really eye-opening conversation and left me with a different perspective on what’s possible in entrepreneurship. There is no better time in the history of the world to build something spectacular. This conversation has a different vibe to it that the other episodes that I have done. This is an episode that will leave you thinking about what is possible for you. I cannot stress this enough. Check it out!

Conversation Notes from this Episode

  • Automation is an amazing tool that allows you to do so much more. Danny used to have employees and now he just uses automation.
  • Everyone should be building a tribe. Some of the most successful people have have spent years just building up their brand, building up their platform.
  • Being an author is extremely beneficial to being an entrepreneur. No matter what type of business you have, your book can be your business card.
  • Having a book can create trust for you within your market.
  • eBooks are unbelievably easy to publish, and are a great form of marketing. You see it as advertising, but they see it as a free gift.
  • For Danny if he wants to learn something well, he decides to teach it. You end diving fully into what you are preparing to write or talk about, and in the process become an expert.
  • Anything you have struggled with yourself, makes you a great one to discuss it or be an authority on it.
  • For Instagram growth, he has learned some tricks. While he posts all his own content, he has then created around 20 different accounts that automate all of the following. With certain programs you can teach them to follow hashtags, and it goes to work to grow your social media.
  • He has also created around 10 different brands on social media within specific niches. Using name creator websites and logo creation sites he was able to create several accounts. The back-end is very generic, but it allows 10 times the reach and allows him the ability to promote affiliate products.
  • Everyone should self-publish a book on Amazon. You can post and publish an eBook that is just 40 pages long. You should just get the experience of doing it, and how to leverage it. No one gets it right the first time. Amazon lets you do 99 cent promotions or free promotions.
  • A book will benefit you a lot. You can give them out all day, like a business card. It will help you understand your market and see what questions the market is asking as you get feedback.
  • A free eBook is also a great way to start out a conversation.
  • 3 Tips for Growth Hacking as a startup:
  1. Every business grows from conversations. Facilitating the conversations is where the growth happens. Find a way to get in front of people directly. From conversations, you can learn so much. It is a way to introduce people to product or services without pitching them.
  2. Introduce people to the marketing triangle- Market, message and media- make sure those 3 pieces are in place before you do any sort of growth hacking.
  3. Understand the language and terminology well and communicate as an insider to refine your message. There has to be a trigger brings on the fight or flight response in people. Offers like: “Free now, but page closing” or “Free now, but will be $199 usually” are great ways to get people motivated.



About Danny

OpenWorld Magazine is the brainchild of Danny Flood, a location-independent entrepreneur from San Diego, California.

Danny spent several years learning everything he could about the location-independent lifestyle: how to travel on any budget, maintain an income while traveling, and start a business from the road.

Danny has started three separate location-independent businesses that he successfully ran remotely from various corners of the globe. He provided digital advertising consulting to clients in the US from Argentina, built a mobile applications company while in Thailand, and created an online membership website while living in Brazil.

At 28, Danny has traveled to over 30 countries on four continents and done and seen many of the things that he wanted to. He has crossed half of Southeast Asia on a motorcycle. He’s rafted down the Amazon and climbed the tallest mountains of South America. He’s rappelled off waterfalls in the jungle and sailed across the South China Sea. He’s tangoed in the darkly-lit halls of San Telmo, Buenos Aires and fought in Thai boxing matches in Bangkok. Through his many adventures around the world, he has been robbed, fallen from bridges and motorbikes, hugged exotic animals, and nearly died several times in pursuit of his dreams.

Website: http://www.openworldmag.com/

Email: danny@openworldmag.com