Episode #86 – After Hours Entrepreneurship with Melvin Marsh

In this episode, I chat with Melvin Marsh from After Hours Hypnotherapy about his experiences in the startup world. He has a strong history of entrepreneurship and it is clear to me that he has a relentless spirit when he is focused on getting what he wants. He currently has a different type of business than we normally hear on the show, but it is great to see how focused he is on helping other people. I feel like we can all learn something here. He also shares 3 tips on how startups can improve their businesses through a reprogramming of the subconscious. Pretty cool stuff, check this out.

Conversation Notes from the Episode

  • Sometimes you set out with a plan, but along the way you may see a better opportunity. Never be afraid to change direction when opportunity presents itself.
  • Starting out as an entrepreneur is scary. Here are some good things to remember when dealing with intense anxiety and fear:
    • Learn how to relax, it’s always going to be scary.
    • People need to keep an eye out for anything that might be helpful.
    • Do not ignore any resources that you see, you never know what you are going to find.
  • Useful resource he found was Simbi.com, can barter for services versus spending physical money. He found it extremely useful when starting out.
  • Try to keep your overhead cost as minimal as possible.
  • Three areas that our audience can improve in business, through a reprogramming of their subconscious mind:
    1. Increase confidence and motivation. If you are not confident your business may be suffering.
    2. Lots of people have a fear of talking to people. Working through this will help in all aspects of business.
    3. Relax once in a while. Being overly stressed isn’t going to help anybody. Try to keep a work life balance.
  • Don’t jump feet first into anything unless you have to. Start small. It is much easier jumping from nothing to part-time to full-time, than to quit your full-time job and then jump in a business you haven’t laid the groundwork for.
  • Always take a chance, but doing it when there is less risk is always the better option. “Don’t bet more than you are willing to lose”.

About Melvin

Melvin Marsh is a certified hypnotherapist in Augusta, Georgia with particular specializations in medical hypnosis, phobias, and anxiety. While attending medical school, hypnotherapy was suggested to him to deal with his own anxiety problem caused by a residual medical phobia. As hypnotherapy started to relieve the symptoms, he realized he could use hypnosis to help his future patients. Eventually, he realized he liked hypnotherapy more than biochemistry and left medical school to pursue studies at HMI College of Hypnotherapy where he graduated with honors and won the Director’s Award.

Melvin became a certified hypnotherapist (C.Ht.) under the guidelines of the Hypnotherapist’s Union, the strictest certifying agency in the country requiring an additional 80 clinical hours over that of the National Guild. He is also a certified advanced handwriting analyst (C.A.H.A.) and certified life coach.  He is insured as a mental health counselor by the American Professional Agency.

Melvin’s educational background also includes a B.S. in Anthropology and Human Biology from Emory University, a M.S. in Space Studies (focus on aerospace psychology) from the University of North Dakota, and has completed many hours of study on Webyeshiva and is a licensed and experienced EMT.

When Melvin is not seeing clients, he can be found playing with his dogs, watching bad vampire films, and cooking gourmet food. He can also sometimes be seen attempting to complete crazy things on his Bucket List and fighting off the cries of “Eat me” from the mountain of chocolate in his pantry, proving that even hypnotherapists have to fight temptation.

Website: afterhourshypnotherapy.com

Email: afterhourshypnotherapy@gmail.com