Episode #84 – Telling The World Your Name with Jenn Scalia

In this episode, Jenn and I dive into her incredible story in entrepreneurship and dig into one of my favorite topics…mindset! Jenn is a very confident and successful person, but she wasn’t always that way. You are going to want to listen to her story, and I promise that it will inspire you! Jenn tells me about the path that most startups take to try and become visible, and we discuss how that works out for most of them. Do not miss her 3 tips for effective marketing online that you can implement today! This is a high energy episode that is full of a lot of rich content for startup entrepreneurs everywhere. Check it out!

Conversation Notes from this Episode:

  • Your mindset plays a huge part in the way your entrepreneurial journey goes. Most people are not aware of how powerful or impactful having a good mindset it.
  • The “I am” attitude is extremely powerful. Make saying your “I am” statements part of your daily process. These are very helpful for stepping into the person you want to be.
  • Best way for new startups to try and increase visibility it to offer a freebie. This is your first impression, and will bring people to you. Most people have a fear of giving away their best stuff, but this is what will make people want to become your client and keep coming back.
  • Use the feel good philosophy. Do what feels good to you, and do what plays to your strengths. Find your pocket. If you are doing things just to do them because everyone says you should, then you will fail.
  • If you do not know what your strengths are, start small. You will figure them out as you go.
  • Always remember you never know who is watching or listening, so always preform at your best. Even at the beginning when you feel no one is paying attention, they are.
  • Three Tips for effective online marketing:
  1. Feel good philosophy. Do what feels good. This is when people will be drawn to you. Don’t do what you think you have to do, do what feels right to you. Figure out your strengths and your unique thing. What can you do easily, with your hands behind your back and eyes closed? That is what you need to be doing.
  2. Be yourself. The right people are going to be attracted to you. Our automatic thought is to filter ourselves. We have fears and egos that come up, but people want to relate to you. They are buying you, more so than your product. Be authentic, be real, and be yourself.
  3. Content and action. Act now, think later. Create content and make sure it is good. Would you pay for it? If it is something you look at and you wouldn’t buy it, then don’t put it out there.
  • People are attracted to authenticity. Where you are naturally comfortable is where you thrive.
  • Three basic types of people:
    • Uplifters- smallest group
    • Bystanders- medium group
    • Boat Anchors- biggest group
  • It is very important when starting out to surround yourself with uplifters. Surrounding yourself with people who are on the same path as you, or further along is huge!
  • We usually have our own invisible income cap in our heads, but when you surround yourself with people making 6-7 figures you realize that is definitely possible for you too.
  • A fair amount of the time, the boat anchors may be friends and family. You don’t have to cut the boat anchors out of your life, but consider what you are asking them before asking. Don’t ask the person who never had a business, business questions. Choose not to talk to them about certain things. Consider the source.

About Jenn

Jenn Scalia is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who wants to make an impact. She is THE go-to expert for entrepreneurs who want the world to know their name. This self professed introvert and single mom went from rock bottom to creating a 7 figure business within 3 years. Known for her tough love, no­-B.S. style, Jenn helps entrepreneurs overhaul their biggest fears and empowers them to share their message with the world. She is the CEO and Mastermind of Million Dollar Mommy, a company founded to help women across the world reach their dreams and financial goals. Jenn has been featured in Business Insider, Inc. and Forbes.com.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/jennscalia

Website: https://jennscalia.com/