Episode #77 – To Ask Or Not To Ask with Yvonne Heimann

In this episode, my guest shares a very difficult journey into entrepreneurship and she still beat the odds. We explore serial entrepreneurship and talk about the importance of paying attention to where the opportunities are. Yvonne has the experience in selling both products and services and shares her insight as to what the best option is for a startup. Finally, Yvonne offers us some tips for web design that are crucial to startups. Check this episode out, you will not want to miss it!

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Conversation Notes from this Episode

  • Yvonne’s journey really started after her husband’s cancer diagnosis, she had to learn what it meant to be a business owner and learn how to do it herself.
  • As a coach, she helps business owners clean up their business, set processes, automations, and give them their time back.
  • When starting a business don’t start multiple businesses at once. You may start with 10-15 services you are working on that will grow into multiple businesses, but in the beginning start with one business.
  • With a new business try it, do it, collect numbers, and make a fast decision of what excites you.
  • While it is important to follow your passion, sometimes you still have to do somethings you don’t want to do to pay the bills. It is a stepping stone. You can wean those off later, but to follow your passion sometimes you have to do things you may not want to do.
  • There are things that aren’t your passion but you are great at doing. You can use those to help financially until you can let your passion support you.
  • Best tips for webdesign for new businesses:
    • Do not be fooled by the free platforms for websites. You will pay for them down the road. It is worth spending the money upfront in the long run.
    • Squarespace is a good solution that tells you what you need to do, there is a small monthly fee. But someone later can come in and work with you. They give you the opportunity to build something that looks nice and works well with google.
    • If you know your way around a computer, you can look into WordPress for your site. WordPress has a good structure: you buy your property, WordPress is the house,and the theme is painting the walls in your house. It builds piece by piece.
    • WordPress.com vs wordpress.org. WordPress.com is a service based, simplified solution. If you want full control you want the self-hosted option at wordpress.org.
  • Service based business is easier to start out with than a product based business. Plus there are a lot of options with today’s technology.

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About Yvonne

For hundreds of years people have chased the American Dream and Yvonne Heimann is here to show that it’s still alive. Born and raised in Germany, Yvonne left the security of her home country to follow her dreams in the United States. She closed her pub, hopped on a plane, and dove into the fascinating world of social media and marketing.

Yvonne started her consulting business, Ask Yvi, just a year after moving to the United States. Things took off and she was soon taking over her first client’s systems management and teaching herself web-development all the while falling in love with the company’s owner, Peter Oakes. Years later, Peter was diagnosed with cancer. Yvonne took over running his company and her own while Peter recovered and was certified as cancer-free. The two were married later that year, but shortly after their wedding, the cancer returned.

While caring for Peter and running two businesses, Yvonne learned just how chaotic life can be. Peter sadly passed away leaving Yvonne to rebuild her life and two businesses. She quickly recognized that life is short and business all too often gets in the way of living life to the fullest. Yvonne became passionate about business streamlining and automation to find a balance between business and personal life. Overcoming the passing of her husband taught Yvonne how to rebuild a business after a traumatic event and the tools needed to manage a business that didn’t overwhelm life. Through the grief and chaos, Yvonne ended up launching her first product and discovering new passions that would uplevel her two businesses. Through this personal transformation, Yvonne became the embodiment of the American Dream, a proven business woman with battle scars, and a successful CEO who started from zero.

Today, her goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible enjoy their life while running their business. Yvonne knows the ups and downs of life can wreak havoc on business, so she works with entrepreneurs to build thriving empires that can withstand anything. With her expertise in streamlining business processes and building residual income, Yvonne teaches entrepreneurs how to make their business work for them so they can enjoy all the good things in life.

Website: www.AskYvi.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskYvi/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/protopreneur/