Episode #72: Going From 1 To 7 with Ramon Smothers

This was a fun episode and another super inspirational story emerged from the guest. Ramon is one of those guys that seems to get pissed off when life tries to keep him down and it just makes him work even harder.  With that being said, he seems like a real laid back, easy going guy. That is my kind of person, all day every day. I am the same way so I am drawn to that strong entrepreneurial spirit. His experience is a great reminder that opportunity breeds more opportunity. When you focus on success, it’s amazing to see what presents itself. I still feel like far too many people focus on the negativity in their circumstance, instead of looking for solutions.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Ramon and his wife also host a podcast.  I love the podcast platform and if used correctly, it can create a great platform to influence other people from.

Conversational Notes from This Episode

  • Don’t beat yourself up. Stay positive because when you jump into entrepreneurship, it’s scary. You need to be able to deflect the anxiety and doubt, learn to continue to push through and stay faithful.
  • Opportunities will present themselves!
  • Accept the losses as a loss, and then find something that you can build upon that loss or negative outcome. Keep going.
  • Top three recommended income streams to start with:
    • (Multi-family) real estate investment
    • Affiliate marketing – promote products or services that you’re passionate about
    • An online course – take a talent that you have, and turn it into an online course!
  • Don’t worry about what the crowd is doing. If you want to get to another level, you need to run with the minority.
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About Ramon

Going From 1 To 7 with Ramon SmothersI’m a husband, author, investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and mentor. My entrepreneurial journey started a year before I was laid-off when I made my first real estate investment. After the layoff, I decided to take life into my own hands and carve my own path. My fears are still here, but my faith now outweighs them.

Check out Ramon’s podcast here: https://www.wearetwopeasinapod.com/#two-peas-in-a-pod

Check out Ramon’s website here: http://www.ramonsmothers.com/the-fear-of-greatness-book/