Episode #64 – An Artistic Expression with Melissa Ebbe

When I hear that someone was inspired by the “Thriller” video that Michael Jackson did in the early 1980s, it gets my attention very quickly. Anyone who knows me well understands how big of a fan I am of those songs and the music videos that accompanied them. I mention this because Melissa was captivated by the costumes in this video and that is where her obsession began. Pretty cool stuff!

Taking this knowledge into account and then going to Melissa’s website will help you understand her journey a bit more on where she is at today. Her work is kind of scary, but absolutely incredible at the same time!  This level of talent got her onto the show “Face Off” not for just a single season but for two!

It is refreshing to see someone who has been all over tv who is still really grounded at the same time.  I enjoyed the conversation that we shared and I am confident that Melissa will find her way into doing costumes for movies at some point in the future.

If you want to see examples of her phenomenal work, check out her website.

You can also connect with her on Twitter and Instagram: @feralworks

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About Melissa

Melissa G Ebbe is an artist and the creator of Feral Works, a business dedicated to bringing the stuff of imagination to life. She has her BFA from UW-Madison, her MA and MFA from UW-Milwaukee, and has been a full-time artist since 2007.

Melissa was a finalist on Season Ten of the hit SyFy Series Face Off, where she put her makeup and creature designing skills to the test. She continues to work out of her home as a creature/concept artist as well as with more traditional mediums.