Episode #59 – Rinse. Wash. Repeat.


My biggest concern this week was in producing an episode with really good sound quality.  I listened back over my last few episodes and there were a few instances where I wasn’t satisfied with the sound quality.  With a podcast, there are only two things that you have to offer the listener.  The first is the quality of the content and the second is the clarity of the sound.  This is precisely why I take this so seriously.  Enough ‘off topic’ stuff for this episode…

The inspiration for the title and content of this show was drawn from my current experiences and the successful processes that I have identified on my own journey. I am in a season with this business that requires sacrifices to focus time, energy, and money on the major goals and objectives that we have set for the brand. The theme of this episode can be summarized very simply.

Try stuff to see what works.  When stuff works, rinse, wash, and repeat.  This is symbolic of a simple process, but most people still don’t use it.  Listen to the episode if you have not already.

Remember, we have an awesome guest from the UK that will be on next week’s episode!

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