Episode #57 – Elevation Is A Must with David Gibson

This was a fun episode because I enjoy taking a risk and trying something new, especially with the podcast.  I wanted to try getting 3 people on the podcast at once, from different locations as an experiment.  Since it worked out pretty well, I have some former guests that will be making guest appearances as co-hosts in the future.  David has a cool story and a familiar outlook on life and its precious opportunities.  I got linked up with him through a mutual friend and unknown to me, we only live about 30 minutes apart.  I had an idea to let another member of my team join a podcast and David was fine with the idea, so this is what we recorded.  It was interesting for me to sit back and observe the interaction that was taking place with David and Crystal….well, before her technical difficulties.  Lol!

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Conversational Notes from This Episode

  • Everyone is looking for an option in life; they often settle.
  • Identify the greater option of using your talent to make this world a better and brighter place.
  • Elevation is a must. Every single day, in every way you must get better and better.
  • Use experiences to make ourselves into better individuals.
  • Live with the rewards of executing your goals.
  • Decide what you want. It’s that simple.
  • Align your life around your goals and your dreams.

I appreciate realness and authenticity so that is why I never edit out tech issues or anything else that comes as a surprise during recording.  David, if you are reading this thanks again and I wish you continued success with your pursuits!

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About David

I am an ordinary person with an extraordinary dream, and my dreams have influenced me to stay committed to being a better person. I’m here on this earth to serve and to help others realize their true potential…so as I’m catching and living my dreams, I am inspiring others to do the same.

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