Episode #52 – Fanning The Flames Of Passion

This week the podcast actually fit the theme of the rest of our content push!  That is a welcome change for sure.  I enjoy focusing on the mindset that people need to have to get from where they are to the place that they want to go.  I know, from my own experiences, that sometimes desire or raw passion can take you leaps and bounds forward in your business when nothing else seems to be going well.  Passion is the result when we get amped up for greatness and fed up with our mediocrity.

Since we know that passion is such an important intangible to our success, we need to pay attention to the ‘flame’ in the fireplace.  All metaphors aside,  I believe that you understand my point.  I enjoyed making this episode and I hope you get something out of listening to it.

Check it out and this week’s blog post which is written about the same topic, but offers a slightly different perspective in some areas.



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