Episode #51 – Stop Fearing Failure!


This episode was designed as a direct response to the significant amount of fear mongering that I am hearing from other people lately.  For God’s sake, chill out my friends. Remember that there is nothing to fear that fear itself.

Failure will not kill you and in fact, it offers a huge benefit to you.  It forces you to stay creative and it tests your level of commitment.  If you spend any amount of time talking to entrepreneurs who had a business handed to them versus those who built one from nothing, they aren’t even the same creature.  The more you fail the less you fear it happening again. You develop a fearless attitude based on your real life experience of surviving the failure.

On the podcast, I talk about the idea of failure compared to the actual experience of it.  I raise some good points and share a few stories with you that may give you the advice that you have been seeking.  Enjoy.


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