Episode #47 – Why You Need To Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Mindfulness


I recorded this episode with my entrepreneurs in mind, but my career focused friends may enjoy the content as well.  As I planned the overall talking points of this show, it got me thinking about mindfulness in general.  I began to ask myself a few questions in this regard.  How many people are mindful about their jobs?  How many people are mindful about their actions and how they treat other people?  Here is a better question….how many people are mindful about anything at all?

To remind you, mindfulness is defined as “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”  It requires real effort, also known as taking action.  As an entrepreneur, your survival depends partly on your ability to move from ideas to implementation.  Don’t be a practice all-star!  While we are on the subject…Have you listened to this episode yet?  How about some of the older shows?

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