Episode #42 – The Mental Melting Pot – Unplugged (Part II) with John Barrett and Jared Hamilton


This is the second part of the “unplugged” episode that I started last week.  My guests are John Barrett from The John Barrett Company and Jared Hamilton from Hamilton Trained.  To fully appreciate each of these guests, you must start at the beginning by listening to the previous podcast episodes that I did with each of them, individually.

Episode #11: Inspirational Training The Hamilton Way with Jared Hamilton

Episode #16: The Faith, Leadership, and Innovation Experience with John Barrett

After taking the time to listen to those episodes, I bet you can’t get enough of these two.  Even when I meet with them in a Mastermind group, they both never cease to amaze me with their growth, perspectives, and raw ambition.  If you, the audience member, have any future guests that you would like me to approach in this format, please let me know!


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