Episode #41 – The Mental Melting Pot – Unplugged (Part I) with John Barrett and Jared Hamilton

This show embraces a concept that Jared, John, and I had discussed several times in the past. We finally just made it happen, and I admit that it was incredibly fun to make!  I respect both of these guys a great deal and they are both physically accessible to me, based on where we all live.  We frequently challenge each other and regularly meet for “mastermind” sessions.

Jared Hamilton runs a successful personal training business, called Hamilton Trained (rightfully so) and you can check his website out here. Jared was a guest on Episode #11: Inspirational Training The Hamilton Way with Jared Hamilton, check it out if you haven’t already and you will see why I like this guy so much.  Check Jared out on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

John Barrett also runs a success business, The John Barrett Company, and he is involved in A LOT of stuff.  Check out his main page to get connected to all of his products and service offerings.  John has several published books, music, artwork, a podcast, he speaks, coaches, trains, and preaches.  I wasn’t kidding, was I?  John was on Episode #16: The Faith, Leadership, and Innovation Experience with John Barrett, and this is my most downloaded episode of all time!  Give it a few minutes and you will quickly see why…John is also a regular on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among other channels so he is not hard to track down.

Both of these guys would be more than happy to talk to any of you reading and listening out there.  Just reach out to them and see for yourselves!

Shoot me an email and let me know what you thought about this episode: inspire@greyfoxbusiness.com


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About Jared & John

Jared HamiltonI’m a lifetime student. When it comes to the fitness industry a degree or certification doesn’t necessarily equate to knowledge and skill. A piece of paper is still just that if the recipient doesn’t truly care for his craft or those he trains. I’ve met some “fitness professionals” who are ignorant when it comes to this industry. What should be a means to help others becomes a simple paycheck. I’m more impressed by trainers and coaches who have pure passion for this industry; those who go on to be ‘self-teachers’ and always push themselves to be better.

I have a degree and national level certifications but what I pride myself on is the knowledge I’ve gained outside of standard schooling. When I coach people I have a reason behind everything I do. It all comes down to science and physiology. If you’re ever concerned, I welcome any and all questions!



john barrett

John was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on Valentine’s Day February 14th, 1980. His family moved to Brown County, Indiana where John grew up and graduated from high school. After his graduation, John was accepted into a hands-on internship program at a large church in New Albany, Indiana. This opportunity gave John the experience and training he needed to start his journey into full-time ministry. John began to travel doing guest speaking, worship leading, and leadership conferences around the country. He has served on staff at churches in Indiana, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. John has lead missions teams throughout central America, taught leadership development for businesses, churches, schools, and government organizations. He is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with Dr. John C. Maxwell. John has a passion to help people DISCOVER their gifts, DEVELOP their potential and DO great things.