Episode #40 – We Are All In This Together


It took me a long time to finally realize that I couldn’t do everything by myself.  I am a proud and hardworking person, so a common mistake that others like me make is to assume that “we got this.”  I eventually wore myself out to a point where I could barely function and arrived at the obvious conclusion that there must be an easy way to grow my business.

I now have a small, but growing team that makes all of this possible and I have an unbelievably tolerant and supportive wife. I also regularly seek involvement with my mastermind group and other entrepreneurs. Sticking to my strengths is the lane that I need to stay in and for everything else, I will outsource it or seek direction from others who are better suited for those areas of my business.  I recently wrote a blog post about this same topic.

Does the first paragraph sound like I am writing about you?

If so, reread the second paragraph! If you can alter your perspective, there is a real possibility that you will discover opportunities all around you that you never noticed before. Instead of looking for solutions down the road, stop and look around where you are now right now. It may surprise you when you see what has been within arms reach this whole time.

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