Episode #39 – Taking Action & Reaching Your Goals with Coach K

I connected with Ben through Instagram and once again social media has proven to be the rule rather than the exception when it comes to connecting with podcast guests.  Twitter has been my staple to this point, but perhaps Instagram will surprise me?

Once in a while, someone comes along that you really connect with and for me, this was one of those occasions. Ben Kissam (also known as “Coach K”) is a very enthusiastic and intelligent entrepreneur.  Sometimes that collection of words, when used together, is nearly an oxymoron.  This is certainly not one of those times!

Ben offers coaching, like several other guests that I have conversed with on the show, but his perspective is different. He is the first with a true educational, teaching background. This is cool because it offers him a ton of experience and a unique perspective.  Let’s show Ben some support and subscribe to his rockin’ podcast on iTunes. You can do so here.

Check out his website for everything that he does and for all of his resources here.

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