Episode #32 – How To Be Unstoppable with Kelly Roach

I get the cool opportunity to talk with Kelly Roach on this episode. Kelly is a successful entrepreneur, author and podcast host. She is a former NFL cheerleader, Fortune 500 Executive and now she is working on her own empire. Her book “Unstoppable: 9 Principles For Unlimited Success In Business & Life,” is an 11 time International best seller! Her podcast is excellent and entitled “Unstoppable Success Radio” and it is a top rated show on iTunes.

Kelly is the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching as well and she has a ton of resources on her website that you won’t want to miss.

kelly roach

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About Kelly

Welcome! I’m Kelly Roach.

As an ex-NFL Cheerleader, health and fitness nut and Mom I might not be the typical business coach you come across.

First of all, unlike most “coaches”, I actually have experience in the trenches.

From handling hundreds of millions in assets and managing dozens of teams at once across 17 locations to engineering record-breaking turnarounds for companies and departments to breaking every single sales record in my Fortune 500 company’s history.. all before I was 30.

And secondly, I’m focused on you, your business and your lifestyle.

My goal is to help you meet your true potential and live out your dreams by building profitable businesses that enhance every aspect of your life.