Episode #28 – Authority Content Book Launch with David Jenyns

This episode features David Jenyns as my guest on the show for this episode. David is a life-long entrepreneur, the Director of Melbourne SEO & Video and the author of the brand new book, Authority Content.

David’s journey as an entrepreneur began when he was in his early 20’s.  His humble beginnings began with selling the Melbourne Cricket Ground.  From there he launched a few retail stores, where he learned many lessons and his hunger for entrepreneurship only grew.  David has an inspiring story and it has led him to the success that he now embraces.

David is not only a nice guy, but he is more than willing to help as well.  His new book offers a lot of value in the online marketing and content creation space.  Check out this episode and his new book!


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About David

David Jenyns, just past thirty, has lived a life that is envied by people twice his age. A few of his achievements include: taking 2nd place at the Pan Pacific Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Championship, selling the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), using SEO to gain massive media attention, coaching hundreds of traders worldwide, authoring Amazon Bestseller ‘Authority Content‘ and that’s just to name a few. David is the ‘real deal’ – just google his name or click here to read his complete bio.