Episode #24 – It’s All On You with Pat Charette

I have a great conversation with Pat about his journey up to this point in time.  He graduated with a degree in sports medicine from Merrimack College in MA.  He quickly realized that the opportunities that he was looking for were nowhere to be found. Rather than complaining, he took action and moved to the Midwest to gain experience and ultimately he created the very opportunities that he sought!  Listen in to this episode now, it will be time well spent!


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About Pat

Pat CharetteMy name is Pat Charette and I am a personal trainer, online fitness coach, and lifestyle changer. I aim to educate, motivate, and improve people’s lives, both mentally and physically. My goal for this is to help you optimize your time, health, and life.

I was introduced into the fitness world when I was 14 years old. I was a small “string bean” and needed to get bigger, faster, and stronger for baseball. My passion has only grown since then. People need personalized plans, consistent motivation, and qualified knowledge in order to better themselves in the ever changing health and fitness world. I’ve learned what it takes, and have designed a set of incredible programs.