Episode #153 – Every Moment Matters With Dave Sanderson

In this episode, I discuss this newly reoccurring fear of success that I have been wrestling with. I nearly laughed out loud writing that, but I know that it is simply fear of the unknown disguised in a different way. I spoke to Dave Sanderson this week who is best known for being the last passenger off of flight 1549 which landed on the Hudson River in January of 2009. He has an amazing story and he is an amazing entrepreneur as well. Not many people can speak from an experience like his. Enjoy!

About Dave

Meet Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson is an inspirational survivor, speaker and author. His thoughts on leadership have made him an internationally sought-out speaker. When US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson,” ditched into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009, Dave Sanderson knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be.

The last passenger off the back of the plane on that fateful day, he was largely responsible for the well-being and safety of others, risking his own life in frigid water to help other passengers off the plane.

Despite the hazards to himself, Sanderson thought only of helping others and emerged from the wreckage with a mission: to encourage others to do the right thing.

Contact Dave

Website: https://davesandersonspeaks.com/