Episode #15 – Inspiration That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet with Todd McBroom

Todd is an author, speaker, and a success coach.  Todd has owned 5 different businesses in the areas of construction, industrial equipment, real estate and retail.  Todd also has a long history of success in sales and he has 19 years of experience in public speaking as well.

Todd’s Mission Statement: 

To inspire people to want to think. I believe that knowledge without application ultimately leads to frustration

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Book Recommendation

  • God Was Self-Employed by Todd McBroom


About Todd

Author, speaker and sales training specialist Todd McBroom is the perfect choice for any size business, group or organization. Having come up in an “economically challenged” family he learned at an early age about working for what you want. As an owner of multiple conventional businesses, some successful and some not, his background of overcoming obstacles and staying the course will inspire others to not be intimidated by adversity. If you have a desire for improved performance and are willing to embrace an attitude of excellence with simple, applicable lessons, humor and boldness, Todd is your guy.

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