Episode #148 – When The Entrepreneurial Cup Spillith Over With Jeff Hall

In this episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Jeff Hall of the Overflow Cafe. He has a super powerful story and the first five minutes of our conversation will take your breath away. He has a very inspirational story and has managed to build an amazing company, despite a challenging first chapter. Something truly advantageous comes out of dealing with struggle and anyone who has been there in their own journey can attest to that. This is an episode that I guarantee that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy!

About Jeff Hall

Jeff has 23 years of business experience and 4 successful startups under his belt. He started working at the age of 7 doing door to door candy sales to support his family. He has helped build 14 orphanages worldwide. In his spare time, he loves Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and a good cup of tea. You’ll find him working hard (and sometimes goofing around) in Toronto. If you see him, please do not bring up Bitcoin or Game of Thrones because once you get him started on the subject he won’t shut up.

About Overflow Cafe


If you could go back in time with the knowledge you have now, would you do things differently? Overflow Cafe believes that you are a success story waiting to happen.

Overflow Cafe was founded in 1995. The Internet was becoming a major place of interest for everyone back then with the introduction of chat rooms, message boards and online personals. Let’s not forget that pile of AOL CDs that would come to your mailbox every week. Back then you could build a simple website, submit it to search engines and in a few weeks be easily found and gain customers with very little effort (there wasn’t much competition).

They started as a home-based business. They care about honesty, good work ethics and delivering great results. They hired on staff and moved into a larger home office in 1996. Then to a traditional office in 1997. A few years after that to a larger office. Interesting fact: In 1996 they started and operated one of the internet’s first internet radio sites (The Renegade).

Most of their clients were local businesses back then. They would bring over a pizza and they would eat and talk about the future of technology and its effect on small business. They touched the lives of many business owners, some of them grew to medium-sized businesses employing over 100 people and some have gone public through IPOs.


Today, Overflow Cafe serves businesses of all sizes in the USA, Canada and almost every country in the world. They promote almost every kind of business you can imagine. They have a good track record with thousands of business owners. They are trusted and respected in the SEO industry. They know what works and what doesn’t so they can save you a lot of time and money.

They are honest and straightforward. You’ll find their staff friendly, easy going, hard working and helpful. They stay on top of the latest trends, filtering out fads and producing measurable results for you. They are one of few companies out there that actually care about your business success and who will give you a straight answer instead of trying to sell you useless products and services.

They are obsessed with improvement and you’ll find that they are continually increasing the features they offer and refining their services to improve results for you. Your bottom line? Better rankings, more traffic, and more sales.

Contact Jeff

Website: overflowcafe.com

Facebook: facebook.com/overflowcafe