Episode #141 – Making It Happen With Mark Spencer

In this episode, I share a few tips that have been timeless in my ultimate pursuit of entrepreneurship. It always amazes me how far I drift off course sometimes, but I always manage to return to the habits that have made me successful. Never forget where you come from and how everything began for you. My guest this week is Mark Spencer from Climactic. When we recorded the show he was planning his entry into entrepreneurship and I am pleased to announce that he has now made the leap. This is an awesome conversation with someone who captures the mindset of the pre-launch entrepreneur. Enjoy!

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Mark is the Co-founder of Climactic which is a podcast, a social media presence, and website created by two residents of Australia, greatly concerned about climate change. Mark and his Co-founder Rich want to learn more about the impacts Australia can expect from our already changing climate, how we can best prepare, and hopefully live purposefully to minimize them.


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Website: http://www.climactic.fm/