Episode #131 – How To Market Your Skills In A Digital World With Alison Reeves

In this episode, I make an important announcement at the beginning of the show in case you haven’t been following the Full Access Project mini-episodes. I also reference my book because the mindset needed to do what I did is all detailed there with an easy, step-by-step plan to follow. My guest this week is Alison Reeves and her company is called Melali Marketing LLC. We have an interesting conversation about taking the skills that you have right now and making them work effectively in today’s market. Technology isn’t going away and there are some amazing ways to leverage technology to get the most from it. Check this episode out to hear the whole conversation. Enjoy!

About Alison Reeves

Real estate professionals: are you ready to scale your business, build an authoritative presence in your market and bring in more leads? 

Alison, the creator of Melali Marketing, is an expert at building trust and simplifying the process of building an authoritative digital presence for both new and experienced real estate agents. She helps professionals discover their unique content niche, and her goal is to help companies do more with what they’re already great at. Using authority marketing, real estate agents will master the art of creating and managing a digital presence, decreasing lead cost and positioning themselves as an authority in their local market.


Contact Alison

Email: alisonlreeves@gmail.com

Website: melalimarketing.com