Episode #122 – Entrepreneurial Jambalaya (Part II/II) With Jared Hamilton & John Barrett

In this episode, we get into the dramatic finish of this first round of “entrepreneurial jambalaya.” The first part of this show is in episode #119, so start there if you haven’t listened to it already. This is a longer show than most on this podcast, but there is tremendous entertainment and tremendous value both.  Listening to this two-part episode is time well spent, believe me. Enjoy!


About Jared Hamilton

Who am I?

I’m Jared, founder of Hamilton Trained. Out of all the places you could be on the internet right now you’ve found your way here. I’m humbled and grateful you are on my site and I thank you 🙂

If you’ve read the ‘Why be Hamilton trained’ tab you should know exactly why I do what I do.
I hope the experience is life-changing!

Why listen to me?

I’m a lifetime student. When it comes to the fitness industry, a degree or certification doesn’t necessarily equate to knowledge and skill. A piece of paper is still just that if the recipient doesn’t truly care about his craft or those he trains. I’ve met some “fitness professionals” who are ignorant when it comes to this industry. What should be a means to help others becomes a simple paycheck. I’m more impressed by trainers and coaches who have a pure passion for this industry; those who go on to be ‘self-teachers’ and always push themselves to be better.

I have a degree and national level certifications but what I pride myself on is the knowledge I’ve gained outside of standard schooling. When I coach people, I have a reason behind everything I do. It all comes down to science and physiology. If you’re ever concerned, I welcome any and all questions!

Contact Jared

Website: hamiltontrained.com




About John Barrett


Great leaders are always advancing their leadership ability to the next level.They never stop challenging themselves to reach new heights. They know the secret to success is the capacity to lead well. In fact, true success is simply an overflow of great leadership.

Yet, so many leaders and organizations feel frustratingly stuck. They are striving for success but aren’t gaining any traction into growth. Their solution…work harder. But in doing so, they are just spinning their wheels in the mud.

This is where I come in. Every leader needs a guide to help bring out the best in them. Luke had Yoda, Katniss had Haymitch, Frodo had Gandolph, Dorothy had Glenda, and the list goes on. Everyone needs a trusted coach to help them unleash the hero they were created to be. I do just that. My role is to catapult your leadership ability and level up your success.

I have been working with leaders for over seventeen years. I have been personally mentored by the #1 leadership expert in the world, Dr. John C. Maxwell, as a certified coach, speaker, and trainer on the John Maxwell Team. I have worked with fortune 5,000 companies, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals who have leveled up their success through my coaching. I guide leaders to the next level. When leaders go to a whole new level, their success goes to a whole new level. Invest in your leadership ability, and you will be directly investing in the future you desire to experience.

Contact John

Website: johnbarrettleadership.com