6-week Automation Course

6-week signature course:

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You will learn:

  • How to give real value, before asking for the sale like everyone else
  • The art of building multiple email lists to meet your subscribers “where they are” 
  • How to write email campaigns that people will want to open, read and respond to
  • How to create a marketing strategy that is tailored to each of your subscribers
  • How to automate a ton of tasks in your business and integrate your favorite programs with one another
  • How to integrate Facebook messenger into your automated marketing strategy      
  • And so much more!   


You will enjoy:           

  • Student virtual class room collaboration and communication
  • Weekly self-study video instruction      
  • Weekly live Q&A with the instructor and staff 
  • Learning industry leading skills that you can implement into your business right away 
  • Lifetime access to the material     
  • Signature 30-day satisfaction guarantee!