When reading up on the latest marketing strategies, it’s nice to have information that is both insightful and easily applicable. So, I’ve researched a lot of the top marketing trends of 2020 (both B2C and B2B). I found 4 strategies and techniques that are very effective but also easy to implement — even on a budget!

In this article, I’m going to describe different marketing trends that you can apply to your current marketing strategy in 2020. 


#1 SEO Title Split Testing

SEO is always a hot topic. The search engine competition has been increasing between both PPC and organic search results. This makes it even more important that your page titles stand out from the crowd. This is probably one of my favorite cost-effective marketing strategies on my list. It doesn’t cost anything. However, you will have the task of researching yours and your competitors’ current webpage titles to see how you should optimize and split test your current webpage titles.

Here are a few tools that you should use to help:

  • Google Search Console
  • Answer The Public
  • SEMrush
  • Google Trends

All of these tools will help you see either the current performance of your webpage titles or they will give you a better insight into what keywords and phrases you should use to optimize your title for your main keyword. Once you’ve found a few titles that you’d like to try, test them out on a 1-week or 4-week basis, and see which titles lift your impressions and click-thru rates the most.

#2 Organic LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn has become a honey-pot for organic engagement. The platform isn’t currently as ad-focused as other social media competitors like Facebook and Instagram — who require users to pay to get a decent level of exposure.

It’s a well-established platform and perfect for B2B marketing. However, LinkedIn is still in its early days of on-platform advertising. Many people who are posting organic content are still getting really good levels of engagement and exposure without paying a penny. 

So it’s definitely worth trying to post some of your organic content to LinkedIn and track the exposure you gain.

As with other social media platforms, there will likely come a point where LinkedIn starts pushing users toward paid advertising to reach their audience. However, it’s still worth taking advantage of the organic engagement that LinkedIn is currently offering before things change.


#3 TikTok 

TikTok has virtually slapped us in the face this year, and it doesn’t look like the TikTok trend is going to leave us anytime soon.  

With TikTok, there are no real rules when it comes to creating content. But it pays to experiment and find which types of content work for your business.

Many companies have successfully used TikTok to massively boost their exposure and overall sales.



#4 Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast-growing trend everywhere, including in the marketing space. While AI is responsible for many evolutions in online marketing, it’s AI chatbots that are gaining most of the attention. 

Chatbots can transform the way you interact with customers. They’re great for frequently asked questions, as the chat can answer them without the need for one of your support team’s representatives using their time — so support staff can instead spend more time dealing with bigger, more complex problems.

AI chatbots are a must-have for any business dealing with lots of customer questions, especially as they can massively improve your customer experience.


Keeping Your Digital Marketing On Trend

Staying updated on the latest digital marketing trends is essential if you’re looking to grow your business successfully.

The examples in this article are just the starting point of how digital marketing will evolve over the coming decade, so it’s crucial to stay on trend and implement new strategies to keep your business relevant.

For more information on how to improve your marketing strategy, check out the latest posts on the Intentionally Inspirational blog.


Written by Lewis James